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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Removing mercury amalgam fillings in Ecuador. Part three. January 2013

I am so happy I did it (removed mercury amalgam fillings), I was scared at first, but, as I said, the stress reduction system (the doctor uses) really works. He was removing mercury amalgam fillings one per day, except in one case when it was in neighboring teeth, so he removed two fillings in one setting. He also found other problems and fixed it to my satisfaction.

Here is the bill

Every removal is $40, size of the filling in this case doesn't matter.   
Subtotal $160
He found three small cavities and fixed it, $25 each.
Subtotal $75
He removed metals crown, which was loose and discovered that tooth was dead, black and stank.
Removal of metal crown, extraction of a dead tooth and X-Ray $60
Subtotal $60

Removable partial bridge  $250
Subtotal $250

He gave me $25 discount, so my total was $520, paid in cash.
Total $520

Dr. Mario Sanchez P. - Ecuador Biological Dentist.

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