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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Removing mercury amalgam fillings in Ecuador. Part two. January 2013.

I checked his website (Dr. Mario Sanchez P. - Ecuador Biological Dentist), called him few times with my questions and I liked what I saw and heard.
Also I asked around and one of the members of the Facebook group "Conscious Cooking in Cuenca" who used his services, gave him good review.

I bought airfare, booked hotel and went to Cuenca for a week (more on that later).

First what  Doctor did was bio energy diagnosis by muscle tone (applied kinesiology), in which the body itself indicates if there are problems in the areas tested. I have to tell you I was amazed by the result of this tests, it clearly showed that mercury amalgam fillings blocked the energy flow in my body.

He tried to do hypnosis but I am too alert and too much control freak to relax, so I didn't fall asleep, but it did calm me down. Hypnosis and headphones to wear during the procedure are really good stress reduction system.

A “rubber” dental dam that isolates the teeth and mercury fillings and collects any particles was used.

There were an oxygen delivery for the nasal area (this creates a positive flow of air to keep potential mercury vapor away).

He used LASER afterwards to prevent swelling, pain and bleeding.

to be continued

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Dr. Mario Sanchez P. - Ecuador Biological Dentist.