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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Property tax in Quito, Ecuador VS Minneapolis, MN. January 2013.

It is time to pay 2013 property tax in Ecuador. Since January 2nd, information is available online:

This year I paid my property tax (for the condos in Quito) online, thru Banco Pichincha. I checked Predio (Property Tax ID) for both of our condos and here are the numbers as of January 2, 2013.

For La Ronda condo
Square footage                                             760 sq ft
Value Established by Assessor (Avaluos):   $17,611
Total tax (predial urbano):                             $22.01
Price paid for the condo (in 2007):                $20,000

For North Quito condo
Square footage                                            1150 sq ft
Value Established by Assessor:                  $51,827
Total tax:                                                      $48.15
Price paid for the brand new condo (in 2010): $56,900

For my condo in Minneapolis, MN the numbers are (2012):
Square footage                                             650 sq ft
Values Established by Assessor:                 $28,000
Total Tax, including Special Assessments:  $1,013.16
Price paid for the condo (in 2004):               $68,000

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