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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The cost of living in Ecuador is structurally different from the cost of living in USA. November 2012.

Will it take some time for the costs in Ecuador to grow to the costs here in the States?

The cost of living in Ecuador is structurally different from the cost of living in USA and  there are lots of options to downsize or upsize - depending on your finances.
First - property taxes and association fees in Ecuador are substantially less, which translates to less in monthly rent, for example.  If you own your home and cannot pay taxes and assoc. fees, nobody takes your home away.  You don't have to spend money for heating and air-conditioning.  These are non-existent in Quito.

Second - you don't have to have a car in Ecuador.  This speaks for itself - money saved, saved, saved.  Public transportation is plentiful and affordable, including taxis. Right now, the cost of a taxi in Quito - is about $10 per hour. Cost of a trolley or bus ride is 25 cents and you can get everywhere by bus or trolley.

Third, you don't have to have winter clothing (coming from MN!) or fall clothing or summer clothing in Ecuador.  It is pretty much the same weather (with variation - nothing like MN).  In Quito, one need only a limited type of clothing all of the time.

Fourth - most of the food grown locally, it is cheaper, fresher, and healthier.
If you cook at home, shop at the farmer's markets and little tiendas.  Your grocery bill will be a fraction of the same expenses in the states.  Even if you are not the type to cook at home and have your meals at the little neighborhood cafes, you are still better off than in the states. 

Insurance: We don't have health insurance, car insurance and homeowners insurance. No  life insurance for us as well. If you don't have a car, you don't have car insurance.  There is no such thing as a homeowner's insurance in Ecuador - your homeowner's insurance is the fence around your property. May be concept of life insurance exist in Ecuador, but I never have heard about it here.

And last, but not least, medical care is extremely affordable and there is more medical freedom here in Ecuador as compared with "first world - ha!" over-regulated countries.

So, Ecuador has a loooong way to catch up to the State's prices.

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