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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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Documents needed for pension (rentista) visa in Ecuador.
1. Letter petitioning for the visa on your behalf in Spanish.
2. Color copy of your picture page in your passport, notarized.
3. Color copy of the current visa you have, notarized.
4. Copy of the visa stamp on which you entered the country, notarized
5. Police report, apostilled in your home state. Must go back at least 5 years. Translated into Spanish.
6. Original letter from Social Security stating your monthly benefit amount, or Pension benefits from whichever entity you receive them. These must be certified at the Ecuadorian Consulate in your own country. This is very important. They will not process your visa without it. The consulate will certify it and translate it. Although it is not required to be apostilled, I suggest it. They could require it in the future. But the certification is the most important.
7. Visa Application form.
8. Movimiento Migratorios. This is a form from the immigration police that shows your entries and exits from the country.
9. 2 Photos (passport style)
If you are applying as a married couple, with one person as a dependant, then you will also need to include an apostilled and translated marriage certificate to prove the dependant relationship.

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