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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ecuador Real Estate Report - Crucita. October 2012.

Monthly rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.
3 bedroom, 1 bath remodeled
Colonial Quito, furnished apartment for rent.
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Part one

from Hector G. Quintana
Crucita Sell
I see Crucita as somewhat linked to Manta. Generally, when two cities have some linkage, Salinas and Punta Blanca, for example, I seldom adjust the rating of one, without the other seeing a similar adjustment. However, that is just what has happened in the Manta-Crucita dynamic. While, as covered, in the Manta section, the upgrade to “hold” received by Manta for 2012 may be all too brief, Crucita remains a “sell”. In short, prices have been driven up in Crucita beyond anything resembling the evolution of the area economically and with regard to base infrastructure. The run up enjoyed by Crucita was warranted. It served as the perfect “bedroom community”, for those that wanted greater peace and tranquility than that offered by Manta, but also wanted the proximity of the shopping, restaurants and general civilization offered by Manta. Crucita boomed for several years, when it was a steady “buy” rated locale for our clientele. However, it has been marred as a “sell” since then. The residential market exploded, but commercial development, while improved, still lagged significantly. Core infrastructure concerns have not so much worsened, as remained stagnant and without equivalent progress. Unless some pricing sanity returns to the residential real estate market, along with greater advances in local commercial growth and infrastructure evolution, Crucita will continue to trail the Manta market and much, not all, of coastal Ecuador.

Hector G. Quintana
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comment from other forum member
Yes Crucita will always trail the Manta market,but that is why so many are moving here .We did not come here to Crucita to become the fast moving and dangerous city that Manta has become. I think here at I can speak for almost everyone .We came for the peace,safety and personalities of the people .I hope that it will always be that way, but we know that change is coming and land values will grow as soon as people discover this great safe village. Yes we all go to Manta for good ,restaurants,shopping and a little fun ,but we are so glad to return to Crucita and enjoy the ocean surf and local tranquility that sets us apart from from Manta other large cities.
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