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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Differences between Ecuador and the USA. Artificial indoor environment in USA versus normal indoor environment in Quito, Ecuador.

When we were visiting our family and friends in Minneapolis (June 2012), it was painful for me at the stores, on the buses, almost anywhere indoors. It was cold. A few blasts of cold, air-conditioned air after warm air outside and I was sick. I hardly get sick in Quito. One day I was doing shoe shopping at DSW and Leo was waiting for me, sitting in a chair, solving crossword puzzles. After we came outside it took him awhile to warm up!   In one store we couldn't even stay long and we weren't the only ones freezing there. I can imagine how much resources are wasted on freezing people indoors in the summer and keeping indoors hot during the winters.
In Quito there is no air-conditioning, no heating, big malls are ionizing their indoor air and it has pleasant fresh smell, even in the restrooms.
Yet another reason for us to love Ecuador!
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