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Friday, August 10, 2012

Medical care in Quito, Ecuador. Part two. August 2012.

Final visit to the doctor ($18) with all tests results gave me good news - all of my tests results were normal. She gave me some general advise about maintaining health in good condition and sent me home without any pills!

Cost of Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from farmacy Fybeca - $55. 

I have to say it took us few years to find a good hospital. Some hospitals we went to were too expensive ($40 -$60 for the doctor appointment) with doctors who are too full of themselves. Some of them (hospitals) were cheap but awful.

There was one doctor who always connected his patients to his computer and ran some tests this way, never took any vitals, never come close to his patients to check anything. He was the one who treated Leo for a sinus infection for three months (March - May 2011) and when I asked "maybe Leo should do tomography?" he said - "Nah"  -

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