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Monday, August 6, 2012

Medical care in Quito, Ecuador. Part one. August 2012.

All my life I have had low blood pressure. All of a sudden, in the middle of July, it spiked high and I really felt it! Time to go to the doctor at my favorite Hospital Vozandes.
I called the Hospital and got an appointment (cita) for the next day. The doctor's visit cost $18. In this hospital, before you enter the doctor's office, a nurse will check your vitals. The doctor took her time to talk to me, checked me some more, and sent me
1)  to the lab to do some tests
2)  to the Cardiology Department to set up 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and to do electrocardiogram.
3) She didn't prescribe any drugs.

She wrote a note for me with recommendations and her cell phone number.
her recommendations were:
1) no table salt
2) 30min of walking every day
3) to measure blood pressure every day before next cita.
4) lab tests
5) cardio tests

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