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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Medical care in Quito, Ecuador. Cost of lab tests. August 2012

Cost of lab tests
elemental y microscopico de orina  $3.41
creatinina normal                             $3.30
perfil lipidico "L"                                $20.24
sedimentacion normal                      $2.09
calcio normal                                    $3.19
gota fresca normal                           $1.93
biometria                                          $5.94
glucoza normal                                $3.52
sodio y potasio normal                     $5.94
G.P.T.                                               $3.52
TSH (Hormona tiroidea estimulante)$6.93
G.O.T.                                              $3.52
fosfatasa alcalina normal                 $8.47

Total                                                 $72

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