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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Differences between Ecuador and the USA. Money Makes The World Go Round!

Leaders of USA -"we need to respond quickly so people regain confidence and consider it their patriotic duty to go shopping."

Leader of Ecuador has used his weekly national address to express "concern  over sharply rising levels of personal debt among Ecuadorean families", to convince consumers to reduce their debt and  to not spend money that is not theirs.

Leaders of USA printing more money to buy more of USA national debt (Quantitative easing - QE), diluting the value of the dollar over time. They bailed out the bankers and made the public pay the price. 

Leader of Ecuador declared (to the financial terrorists and parasites - in 2008) that ‘my only debt is to the people’ and, ‘We have national commitments, more urgent than international ones. We’ll fulfill our international obligations as soon as we are able. But our priorities are clear. Life comes first, repaying debts second.’
China has become Ecuador's largest foreign bilateral lender since Quito defaulted in 2008, allowing the government (of Ecuador) to maintain a high rate of social spending.

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