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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cost of short term rentals in Quito, Ecuador. August 2012.

For all of you who want "to pay no more than $350 monthly" or "Cuenca with a view wanted" with "a terrace / balcony to enjoy the city view" for $500 monthly.
You want "furnished.. with a queen or king sized bed, kitchen with oven, hot water shower and elect. 24/7, and wifi internet." for $300 monthly.
You want "new apartment in Manta; one or two bedroom apartments are perfect. My budget is around $200 (monthly)"
First, you are 5 -10 years late to receive these prices. Second, Ecuador is not a cheap USA. Some things are cheaper in Ecuador, but quality of life cost money. Appliances and furniture are more expensive in Ecuador than in the USA. Bedding/linens and household items are more expensive here as well.

If the rental property is in a good neighborhood, the value and association fees are more expensive. To set up rental property cost money - few thousand dollars, in our case $5K -$6K. To keep rental property in good condition, money infusions are needed for little repairs, little remodeling here and there, to change household items which tend to wear out quicker with renter's abuse. Monthly utilities bills, including association fees are around $100 - $150 per month.

In Quito for a $200 monthly plus association fee plus utilities, you can rent an unfurnished apartment in a bad neighborhood, where middle class Ecuadorians wouldn't set foot. For $300 - $500 monthly plus association fee plus utilities - an unfurnished apartment in a middle class neighborhood.

A short term rental with hot water, comfy furniture, appliances and fully equipped kitchen, with utilities included CANNOT cost $200 -$500 per month. It is  more feasible for me, for example, to have my rental empty than to let someone in for this price. If someone would offer you this price ($200 - $500 monthly) for the private short term furnished rental in Quito - you are in for a huge disappointment.

Monthly rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.
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Colonial Quito, furnished apartment for rent.
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