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Monday, July 9, 2012

Unfavorable changes in Ecuador. Part three. July 2012.

Part one

Part two

People are becoming more aggressive.  First, lots of non-Ecuadorians have come to Ecuador in the last few years.  I will be politically correct and not name nationalities.  They are not as gentle and friendly as Ecuadorians.  Ecuadorians are not perfect, nobody is perfect, but most newcomers are downright scary. Some of them are involved in crimes and prostitution as their means of survival. Some of them are arrogant and brought their rotten mental luggage to Ecuador.

The Indigenous seem to be fed up with the people moving to their little towns and villages. Here, in Ecuador, the indigenous have more power than newcomers looking for a slice of paradise can imagine:
* Cities can do moratoriums on new developments, AFTER they have started to build (known case),
* City may not issue utility permits after all of the construction is done, so developers cannot sell the units LEGALLY (known case)
* They (locals) can sell you land and later claim some of it back (known case) and you cannot do anything about that.
* After you settle in your $200K house on the outskirts of a little indigenous town, they can attack you and you will be in the hospital for a while (known case)
* In Ecuador, there are still squatter's rights.

Ecuador is not a cheap USA and that is the beauty of this country.  So, when you are looking for your "little paradise" in Ecuador - be careful. It can bite you.

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