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Friday, July 6, 2012

Unfavorable changes in Ecuador. Part two. July 2012.

Part one

Part three

I would like to note that this is not a complaint, this is the observation of changes for the past few years in Quito, Ecuador.
Bureaucracy has changed its flavors:
Before, in general, it was older, more experienced, and much more efficient. May be corrupt, but bureaucracy is always corrupt, in any country - one way or another, by definition.  
Now, they are younger and they are shuffled around a lot, changing people at key positions often.  Now, they mostly don't know what they are doing or do nothing at all.  It seems this way because what took two - three months before - it is taking year and more now.
The scariest part of these changes - they tend to lose your documents in their endless re-organizations, and sometimes more than once.  Every time they lose them, they demand that you go and get them again for their convenience.
Bureaucracy charges are more now.  The government fees that used to be less than a dollar or a few dollars, now cost tens and sometimes hundreds of dollars.  Not just for the foreigners trying to obtain their visas, but for the locals as well.  It is much more expensive now to get married, or to obtain any kind of docs required for law abiding citizens.
They made everything to obtain visas, personal documents - "tramite personal". Before you could hire a lawyer or "tramitadora" and they would go submit your paperwork, stand in endless, scary, no personal space lines for you. Now you have to suffer personally, even if you don't mind paying money to experienced people who do it very efficiently.  It was their lively hood and everyone was happy.  Not anymore.  Now everyone (dealing with bureaucracy) is miserable.

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