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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Misahualli: civilized jungle in Ecuador. How to get to Misahualli from Quito. Part three. July 2012

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How to get to the civilized jungle at Misahualli from Quito.
Whenever you stay in Quito, take a bus or taxi to the Rio Coca bus station. From Rio Coca bus station take a bus (25 cents) to the bus stop "Cumbaya Supermaxi".
There are buses going from Quito to Tena, (ticket cost $5-$6)  every hour. The same from Tena to Quito. They all stop at the bus stop "Cumbaya Supermaxi".

There is daily direct bus (ticket $7, departure at 11:30 a.m. from station Quitumbe), Quito to Misahualli. This bus goes thru parada "Cumbaya Supermaxi" about 12 p.m.

From Misahualli to Quito direct bus depart at 8:30 a.m. from the village square. Monkeys will wave good bye to you!

The bus ride "Quito - Tena" takes five hours. Misahualli is half an hour by taxi or by bus from Tena.

Cost of  trip "Quito - Tena -Quito" per person:
25 cents from our house to Rio Coca station
25 cents from Rio Coca station  to bus stop "Cumbaya Supermaxi"
$7 from Quito (bus stop "Cumbaya Supermaxi") to Misahualli
Total one way $7.50, round trip $15.

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