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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Differences between Ecuador and the USA. In Ecuador life is more laid back and more forgiving for the easy going and careless youth. July 2012

As I already wrote, my son Gary was visiting us in Quito. He is 26 years old, lives in Minneapolis in my condo, works as a waiter at a chain restaurant and delivers pizza as well. He studies Criminal Justice (part time) at a community college.
I don't think he has future in the USA and I am trying to convince him to finish his diploma and come over to Quito:  to meet/marry a middle class Ecuadorian girl with a big family and a lot of connections and make a living here. I don't think he has chances  with USA girls and with the USA system. He is a very laid back person what is a really common trait in Ecuadorians. In Ecuador he has advantage. I will be politically correct and won't write why, you probably know it.
I provided him with a plan how to do it financially and otherwise. We'll see how it is going to turn out. 
I saw him grow up in the USA and I can tell you that the system (school, police, society) suppress manliness in the young generation of middle class white boys. They are often put on psych drugs at an early age. Managers of the apartment buildings won't let kids to hang out in the courtyards of the apartment buildings. Police would stop kids when they walk alone and question or threaten them. There were times when my son was stopped (he was 12 -16 years old and was walking from our house to the nearby shops) by the police and told to go home, otherwise he would be arrested if he is seen on the street again that night.  For the slightest mistake, he was arrested and put in jail and had many years of probation. I am not saying he was(is) an angel, but today, middle class young people born and raised in USA, have very little room for mistakes.
At the same time, they are mostly not street savvy, because parents and police won't let them have "street smarts" in a good way, education, simply because they are not allowed on the streets (see above).  At the same time, their social skills very limited because they spend lots of time at a computer. At the same time, their diet (and their hormones) make them hyper-active and somewhat stupid.

In Ecuador, life is more laid back and more forgiving for the easy going and careless youth. 

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