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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cost of home improvement projects in Quito. Part three. July 2012.

Part one

Part two

So here is - the wall was ..not flat, it looked like a lake's waves, let's put it this way and a piece of the wall fell down. For those of you who want to buy property here (and, by the way, you are late for the train as Russians say, prices are way up) be aware, it is a common problem!
The walls were damaged since spring's rain spell and If I would ignore this problem in a few years the water damage would became serious and potentially we would have mold in the building (in our living room).
Finally I called a maestro. He came with  recommendations from our Russian friends and some Ecuadorians. His name is Luis. He came over today, was late only one day and half an hour. He said that he would come over Thursday 8 a.m. and arrived Friday 8:30 a.m.. By Ecuadorian's standards this is good, I was lucky! He knew what to do and how to do it, as I said it is very common problem. 
The cost:
$40: to open the wall, replace and reconnect the pipes, reconstruct the wall.
$15 for the cost of cement, tubes, glue, and delivery.
Now, we have to wait for two weeks, after that the wall has to be cleaned some more, plastered, and painted.  

More "exciting" remodeling news later.

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