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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cost of home improvement projects in Quito. July 2012.

Our La Ronda apartment complex was built in 1971. We know it for sure because when we changed our condo's old, stinky hardwood floors for new hardwood floors (in 2009), we found a newspaper from April 1971. The floors in the La Rondo condo were done so that there is space between the foundation and the floor itself. Bad, bad, bad idea.
Besides this newspaper we found brown paper bags, remains of food wrap, empty soda-pop bottles, cigarette butts, and other stuff in the space, under the hardwood planks. It gave an odor too for almost 40 years, and not the pleasant kind!
Anyway, in addition to the "workmanship", the water meters were put INSIDE of the apartments. For 40 years it was more or less OK with the water utility company, in 2012 it lobbied Quito city hall to bully apartment owners to move water meters outside of the apartments. Oh boy!!!
So, we received an order from the municipio to move our water meter from inside of the apartment to the outside wall. Oh else!!!
It was a five-day project for us.
The first day we went shopping to MegaKiwi - Quito's heaven for the handymen and we bought almost all materials there.
Pipes for hot water 1/2" - 3 units six meters each    $27
Cost of miscellaneous supplies $18
A metal bar to cover water meter on the wall outside of the apartment cost us $25. The metal bar was custom-made for us by some "maestro" in Centro Historico. Our concierge Jose  measured, ordered, delivered, and installed the bar.
Also, Jose chiseled the wall (about 2.5 meters long) for the pipes and the meter,  Leo installed pipes from the old meter location to the new.
The next step was for Jose to cement it out.  And last step for Leo was to paint the red pipes to make them blend in with our terrace.
Leo worked hard for three days, installing and painting the pipes. He even forgot (almost) about his condition during this time. 
We paid Jose $35 (to chisel the wall, to do cement work, bringing and installing the bar). This price included the cost of cement. Another $30 (to Jose) to buy paint and to paint the hallway walls.
This project was done in the first week of June, 2012.

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