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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lifestyle of a cancer patient who doesn't listen to doctors. Quito, Ecuador. June 2012.

Since Leo was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, stage 4 in August 2011, we traveled to USA twice.  When we came out of the hospital (August 2nd, 2011) with the news of Leo diagnoses, I suggested that we cancel our up-coming September 2011 Miami/Minneapolis trip.  Leo said "No, we are going!"
In 2011 we had our vacation planned well in advance:  my daughter had her 30th birthday in 2011 and my son his 25th, so we paid for their airfare/lodging from Mnpls. to Miami as a birthday gift and as an appreciation for being good kids.  We also had everything set up for us in Miami and for the Minneapolis visit afterword.

This June, we spent two weeks in Minneapolis having a blast meeting family and friends, attending my daughter's wedding, shopping and chilling at our favorite Inn Uptown , near lake Calhoun, the best place to stay in Minneapolis.
Well, if we would listen to the doctors, it wouldn't happen. The doctors would suck our money and Leo's stamina, leaving us broke and Leo in pain and suffering.  In April 2012, when Leo went for a checkup and follow up tests, the doctor was very discouraging of our then up-coming trip.  She suggested to put tubes in Leo, one for breathing and one for eating.  Immediately.
It is end of June now.  He eats, he breathes.  Eating is not easy for him, but doable.  Breathing is almost normal.  His pain is very low and energy level is such, that he did a substantial plumbing project in the beginning of June at our La Ronda condo (I will post about it later).
Watching him, I have an impression that cancer and Leo have parallel lives in the same body.  Family and friends in Mnpls all commented how "good as it gets" he looks for his condition.  He went shopping by himself to Menards, Home and Office Depot.  We walked around lake Calhoun every night.  Every day he walked to Lund's, an upscale grocery store two blocks from our Inn Uptown and had his lunch or dinner there, reading "USA Today" and "Star Tribune".
His enjoyable lifestyle is possible because of the power of Intravenous Vitamin C and Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C.

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