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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The difference in protecting your property in Ecuador versus other countries. June 2012.

I Love Barbed Wire, Electric Fences, and High Walls

It is the same in Ecuador.  Homeowners in Ecuador take their protection into their own hands.  I already wrote about this topic, not so elegant and not under this angle as in the article above, though.
Our North Quito condominium association (conjunto) will be installing electric fence soon.  We are on our own and we are protected now and will be protected more, and we like it this way!
I am looking thru the window and the conjunto across the road has broken glass on top of their tall fence made from cement blocks.  The conjunto adjacent to us has barbed wire on the same type of fence.  Beautiful!  Besides a fence, barbed wire, and broken glass there are also guards and dogs.  Dogs live on the roofs and in the apartments. They are not  aggressive (mostly) in Ecuador, but they are dogs and  they bark.
Our La Ronda conjunto is built so that there is only one really tall gate (built in between the apartment buildings) to enter and exit and one cannot do it without a key.  The first floor is intended for the tiendas and second, third and fourth floors have apartments.  Most of the apartments (including ours on the fourth-upper floor)  have bars.  We have bars on every single window of our La Ronda condo and on the entrance (to the apartment) door as well.

Inside of our La Ronda conjunto there are places where people park their cars, there is a green space, elevated from the ground, it has some children's playground equipment and a place for teenagers and adults to play ball.  Also, there is an area for air drying the clothing.  In addition to all of that, the caretaker family lives on the premises.  And of course there is dog, living on the roof of the building next to ours and this dog doesn't like strangers.

Here what can happen when your property not fenced.

We prefer our security the Ecuadorian way!!!

Monthly rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.