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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beggars in Minneapolis and entrepreneurs in Quito: the difference in between Quito and Minneapolis. June 2012.

Today, my son is the guest columnist (lol).
Hello, my name is Gary. I will be doing a quick story about the culture differences between the northern and southern hemispheres.
I live in Minneapolis. There are no solo private vendors on Minneapolis streets who offer you any type of goods. Only beggars on the streets in downtown Minneapolis offer you a sad sign and a loose thank you for your few coins.

In Quito, there are an assortment of goodies i.e. (candy, pastries, bubble gum, fruits, veggies, the newspaper. etc ) available to you by the solo vendors. ( whom need no license or permit to do their business. ). There are even youth who perform on the streets with juggling tricks and clever outfits for your entertainment. 
If corporations are people, then who are we? Without suffocation from the government Ecuadorian people are the pinnacle of what small business can be if left to their own devices. Think about this next time your kids (or grandkids) would want to open up a lemonade stand (which requires roughly two months to obtain a license.) if they do not obtain their license, well, no lemonade for anyone.

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