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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Expats in Ecuador resources. May 2012

Expat-blog Ecuador

Message from Julien, founder of
Part one
Driven by my passion for discovering new cultures, and myself being an expatriate for several years, I launched the Expat Blog project seven years ago. I wanted to gather all the expatriates' blogs throughout the world on a unique platform.
Expat blog is mostly aimed at sharing experiences of people living abroad. I have always thought that the real life and experience of expatriates could really help those people wishing to start a new life abroad.
I would like to thank you for registering your blog with the Expat Blog directory. I sincerely hope you've gotten a lot of regular visitors from the website and that it will keep going on that way!
I am getting in touch with you because we need a hand in announcing the launch of two functions which would greatly help expats and soon-to-be expatriates [payscomplet].
As a matter of fact, we just released two new sections dedicated to jobs and housing in Ecuador and we would be grateful if you would help us introduce these sections and the Expat Blog to your readers by mentioning them in an article.
If you're interested, I will send you more information regarding the website (figures, history, etc.).
I thank you in advance and wish you a very nice day.
Julien -
Part two
Thank you for your prompt reply and for accepting to help us.
Here are some more info regarding Expat blog and the new features.
Please note that I might send the same info to others bloggers so feel free to make some modifications if you would like unique content.
Expat blog was created 7 years ago to help expatriates. At first, the idea was to gather on a unique platform all the expatriates’ blogs all over the world. As a matter of fact, only expatriates’ blogs can provide accurate information about day to day life abroad: who can help an expatriate better than another expatriate?
Since 2005, Expat blog has become a support website for expatriates and the ones wishing to live abroad. You can find answers to all your questions regarding expatriation: moving, cost of living, work, accommodation, etc.
Expat blog has more than 420 000 members all around the world and 2050 members registered on the Ecuador forum.
To meet its members’ demands, Expat blog has just launched two new sections: Jobs and Housing in Ecuador.
You can post or discover job opportunities in Ecuador, per type of job (more than 100 jobs and fields), create your CV and find your dream job!
In the Ecuador housing section, ads are available by kind of accommodation, whether you are looking for or offering an accommodation.
Best regards,   Julien
end of quote

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