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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Differences in making donations in USA versus in Ecuador. Part two. May 2012.

Part one

Where did we get so many things to donate?
I want to say thank you to the quests of our La Ronda condo.  A majority of food and other things that our guests leave behind is split between our concierge Jose and our maid Jimena (she cleans the La Ronda apartment as well). Sometimes, I find something suitable to give to our favorite taxi driver, Luis. Our hair stylist, Roseo, received a hair iron and hair drier that were left behind.
No offence here - they take all of what is offered - it doesn't matter if the package or bottle is opened and the quantity (of food) doesn't matter either. For Jose and Jimena - food is food and it is very valuable.  When it is the wrong size or just wrong stuff for them - they take it anyway and pass it on their family and neighbors. 
As for my North Quito neighbor - she got an abondoned printer and a yoga mat (with a very cute bag).  This was not something Jimena and Jose would use. You should see how her eyes lit up!  This was much more satisfying than anonymous donations.
That is the difference.  Making donations in Ecuador is much more personal. For us this is a good thing.