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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cost of soda pop and bottled water at Quito's supermarkets. May 2012.

Water and soda pop are sold in a variety of sizes and packs as well.

5 liters of bottled water Tesalia   89 cents
Tesalia bottle 330 ml                   29 cents
Dasani bottle 330 ml                   26 cents

Original (not light, zero calories or flavored, etc):

Coca Cola 1/2 liter  54 cents
Coca Cola 2.5 liter  $1.48 
Coca Cola 3 liter     $1.84

Pepsi     400 ml      45 cents
Pepsi     1.8 liter     90 cents
Pepsi     3 liters      $1.57

Sprite    1/2 liter     52 cents
Sprite    2.5 liter     $1.39
Sprite    3 liter        $1.74

There is a variety of soda pop in Ecuadorian supermarkets besides  those listed above.  There are originals, diet/light/zero calories versions of originals, local brands of soda pop, etc, etc.


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