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Friday, May 25, 2012

Cost of living in Quito. Cost of beer at Quito's supermarkets. May 2012.

In Quito, supermarkets have full-fledged liquor sections. These sections are open during supermarket business hours Monday - Saturday and are closed on a Sunday.
In our few last trips to the supermarket I wrote down prices for beer, soft drinks, and water.  It wasn't easy - supermarket managers don't like customers writing down prices, so I had to act as a spy.  This is why I list prices only for some products, but not for all.

here they are:

Price of one bottle of:
Heineken 330 ml   $1.61
Bud          330  ml  $1.21
Club         330 ml  78 cents
Brahma    330 ml  64 cents
Pilcener   330 ml   72 cents
Corona    330ml    $1.56

Beer is also sold in six can packs and six or twelve bottle packs.
Price of a pack:
Heineken 6 bottles  330 ml   $9.68
Club         6 bottles  330 ml   $4.67
Brahma    6 bottles  330 ml   $3.80
Pilcener   6 bottles  330 ml   $4.19
Miller        6 bottles  355 ml  $12.91 
Corona    12 bottles  355ml    $18.68

to be continued


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