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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cost of beer and water at Quito's neighborhood stores (tiendas) . May 2012.

If you are fan of Pilsener you can buy a plastic case with 12 empty beer bottles, about 750 ml each.  The cost of the plastic case  with 12 empty beer bottles (Pilsener) is $8 in our neighborhood tienda.  To exchange the case with empty bottles to a case with full bottles (Pilsener) cost $12 in our tienda.

For us, to have drinking water and not to feel guilty about all of this plastic waste  (there is no recycling in Quito) we bought:

A ceramic Water Dispenser at the supermarket for $18

A 5 Gallon reusable polycarbonate water bottle for $7.50 (empty)

and to exchange an empty bottle for a full one at our neighborhood tienda, the cost is $2.50 plus $1 for delivery to our apartment.

Monthly rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.