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Monday, April 16, 2012

One of the best Chinese restaurants in Quito. April 2012.

We have a very limited choice of restaurants when we go out.   When a cancer patient cannot eat food with white sugar, white flour, white rice, diary, beef,  and pork - just try to find a restaurant to dine at!
No pizza for us (I miss "Al Forno"!!!), no steakhouses, no "Ecuadorian comidos tipicos", no parialladas (SA barbeque), not even "Crepes and waffles", because when we go there Leo tries to get a bread bowl with beef stroganoff and completely ignores healthy salads with quinoa or couscous that this restaurant has (lol).
We found a few restaurants what work for us. One of them is the best Chinese restaurant in Quito - "Cocina China"

Here is our bill from "Cocina China"
Av. Coruno N29-11 y Bello Horizonte
Telf: 2567 -945/2901-448

Won ton soup  for me                                        $4.85
Chinese Chicken Soup for Leo                            $3.75
I have to say that soup the portions are BIG in this restaurant, you can make a  meal of just soup .
Calamari " "A la plancha" with vegetables (generous enough portion to split)  $7.45
Pilsener beer for Leo (a once per week treat for him) $1.65
Bottle of water with gas                                               $1.25
Lemonade                                                                   $1.55

subtotal                                                                    $20.50
IVA (tax)12%                                                            $2.46
10% servicio                                                             $2.05
Total                                                                         $25.01

As you can see, tips were included in the bill, but we love this place - our friends discovered this cute, little restaurant with generous portions of delicious food and not intrusive but very timely and pleasant service.  So, we tipped our waiter an additional $2.    

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