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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gated communities in Ecuador. April 2012.

Often, on the forums people (who are still in the USA), write that they have no desire to live in a gated community (in Ecuador).
In Ecuador everything is gated (fenced), if you have a few dollars/some possessions and there is no gate/fence around your house or apartment building - say bye bye to your few dollars and possessions.  I am looking thru the window at my street in North Quito - the fences and gates are everywhere on EVERY SINGLE house or apartment complex. 
Most homes have a fence and gate with broken glass on top of the fence which looks like a decoration gone wrong.  With jagged broken bottles cemented in upside down, it is impressive.
My maid lives in South Quito, her family's monthly income is about $700 per month for four people - what do you know - their house is fenced and gated.

In Ecuador they (thieves) always find something to steal from you - even used clothing has some value for them, let alone your watch, phone, laptop, and so on.

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