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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cost of living in Quito. Update on farmer market Ofelia prices in Quito, Ecuador. March 2012.

March last year Leo weighted 180lb and had more energy, so we would go to Ofelia and he would carry the 3-4 sacks of veggies, fruits, berries, fish, etc home.
Now his weight is 137-140lb and he has to preserve his energy thru the day, but his diet requires even more veggies, fruits, berries than ever before. No problem - we live in Ecuador.  Our concierge helps me every Saturday. We go to farmer's market Ofelia, stock up on goodies and I pay her $3 for carrying my shopping around.  It takes us less than one hour for the round trip and shopping. She is happy to make money and I am not exhausted carrying heavy bags around - she does it for me.
If you think Leo just was sitting at home while we were shopping, you are wrong - he was installing electrical buzzers on the common doors of our apartment building while we were gone.

Today is Saturday, March 17, 2012 and here is my farmer's market shopping results.

$5 - two pounds of tuna steaks ($2.50 per pound)
$5 - one and half pound of shelled shrimp, on a bigger size ($3.75 per pound but they gave me discount as a repetitive customer)

$1 - 16 smallish tomatoes
60 cents - 40 radishes
50 cents - 12 small red peppers
50 cents - 28 small white onions

$3 - big melon 
$4.50 - huge guanabana
$1 - eight sweet oranges
$1 - almost one kilo of small cherry looking berries - called capuli
$1.5 - two pounds of strawberries (on a bigger side)
$1 - 13 red fuzzy looking berries  - called achotillo
$2 - red bananas, lots of them.
Total (including $3 to concierge) $29.60

We don't buy many fruits and veggies at big supermarkets at all. The produce is prettier, better looking (not organic, probably) and more expensive there.

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