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Monday, March 12, 2012

Social life in Quito, Ecuador for English speaking people. March 2012.

If you are new in Quito and want some social life, you can start with gathering at SAE, InterNations Quito and meetup groups.
South American Explorers (SAE), Quito
Tel:  (593-2) 222-7235
Oe3-32 Avenida de Mariana de Jesus, near the corner of Ulloa

According to their website: The Quito Clubhouse is resource, a refuge and residence for travelers and members

and InterNations monthly get-together - sign up for InterNations first.

Meetup Quito- check their website

Around holidays check with  Hotel Bonanza  if they host any parties.
Update: no more parties in Hotel Bonanza. as one of the TripAdvisor reviewers said:
Patrick M, age 50 was arrested in Huntsville,AL on March 7,2014 for child sex trafficking by the department of homeland security. An agent read a posting in Craigslist posted by Mr Minga last November offering sex with Ecuadorian and Colombian children. The agent followed up his investigation with several phone calls confirming Mr Minga's illegal activities. Minga has been transported to his home state of Florida for prosecution. If convicted, he will be sentenced to up to 30 years. In addition, his has extorted money from clients by withholding their passports and demanding additional monies, advertising and confirming one price for hotel stays but charging a higher amount after the client arrives in the middle of the night tired and with nowhere else to sleep. He has physically threatened several of his hotel guest. Many of the reviews posted here are from his friends and other paid users. Stayed November 2013
end of quote

Also you can visit damas Norteamericanas and Britanicas library and chat with librarian, check the ads there.
Update: no more damas Norteamericanas and Britanicas, apparently they ceased to exist as organization. The library is not at Hotel Savoy Inn anymore.

Rental in Quito, for tourists and expats.
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