La Ronda is just around the corner

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life in Quito for these two retirees is better than in Minneapolis, MN. March 2012.

Once per week Leo goes to an "ozone doctor" as we call him to receive his ozone therapy.  A 20 minute session costs $30.  Our taxi driver, Luis, picks Leo up from our apartment, drives to the doctor's office, waits for Leo and returns him back home.  It takes about hour and half and we pay Luis $12-$14 for the round trip. The total is $42-$44 per treatment including transportation.  This beats the cost of radiation and chemo and feels much better!
Last Thursday I decided to ride along and do some errands at Mercado Inaquito. The weather was good, as usual (for us), and I was wearing a skirt with tank top and unlined jacket.  While Leo was having his ozone treatment I shopped at Mercado Inaquito.  
I bought fresh cucumbers (the best possible you can buy in Quito) at a little Asian store.  Cucumbers used to cost $2 - two years ago, last year they cost $2.30 and now - $2.50 per kilo.  Next to the Asian store there is a little tienda where we buy raw cashews.  They went up as well from $10 per pound a few years ago to $12 - last year and now $13 per pound.  What can you do, Leo loves cashews and can eat them now, so I bought two pounds.

After Leo was done with his treatment, Luis picked me up at the Mercado and drove us home.  It took us two hours to do all of these errands. Our taxi bill for two hours - $18.

We came home and Jimena, our maid ($17 - from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., once per week), had our lunch ready and was almost done with our weekly cleaning.
Life is good in Ecuador even for this cancer patient and his wife-caretaker.

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