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Thursday, March 8, 2012

ECUADOR VISAs – Tourism, Investment, Overstaying, Extensions, Changing Status, Working as a Professional. Part six. March 2012.

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I just assembled this run-down on the situation with Ecuadorian visas as of 28 February 2012 and hope it helps people!
Things are changing ALL the time – and very quickly…!
WORKING AS A PROFESSIONAL – Obtaining a “Professional” visa

The Office for Foreigners will process these visas. However, you need to first get your degrees from abroad certified in Ecuador. You can do this by authoring petitions to the Director at the SENESCYT Office located at:
 Dr. René Ramírez
 Secretario Nacional de Educación Superior Ciencia, Tecnología, e Innovación (SENESCYT)
 Av. 9 de Octubre 624 y Carrión
 Quito, Ecuador
A few points are worth highlighting regarding this process:
- EACH degree you want certified will require a SEPARATE cover letter addressed to Dr. Ramirez – along with a fee of US$50;

- EACH needs to be certified and APOSTILLED (or certified by an Ecuadorian Embassy) in the COUNTRY of ORIGIN where it was issued.

- The man who is the “gate keeper” on the ground floor of SENESCYT’s office will do everything he humanly can to try to AVOID helping you and finding excuses why SENESCYT cannot help you. (I saw him turn away nine people in a row — before he then turned me away — when I first visited

- You CANNO T get SENESCYT to confirm any degree with a “tourist” visa of any sort; thus, if you want to change from a tourist visa to a professional visa, you basically… well… can’t do it. Note that (a) the Foreigners Office will tell you that it IS possible and send you to SENESCYT; then (b) SENESCYT will then send you to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to change your visa type to anything non-tourist related; and (c) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will send you BACK to the Foreigners Office or SENESCYT saying the Ministry cannot help you because you want a permanent visa which the Ministry cannot give you! (Again, you’ll be going around in circles – LOL!)

 How do you get around this? Well, I just gave up and went for another visa type…

Hope all this information helps those trying to navigate the Ecuadorian VISA system. I guess two words really are in order at the end of the day:

end of quote

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