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Sunday, March 4, 2012

ECUADOR VISAs – Tourism, Investment, Overstaying, Extensions, Changing Status, Working as a Professional. Part two.

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Part one


I just assembled this run-down on the situation with Ecuadorian visas as of 28 February 2012 and hope it helps people!
Things are changing ALL the time – and very quickly…!

OVERSTAYING. (i.e., in case you just want to give up after trying to follow the rules!).
- Fines & Penalties.
 There are no fines for overstaying; rather, you are barred from re-entering for nine months.  This means – you guessed it: If you’re visiting Ecuador and don’t think you’ll come back for a while, you should just overstay and not waste your time getting any official “extension.”

If you want to follow the rules and not overstay, then…
- Where.
Go to the Ministry of Foreign Relations (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio e Integracion) located at Av.10 de Agosto y Carrión.

- How (Process / Costs / Waiting Time) – For 3 Month “12-X” Extensions.
 If you go to the website, you will find the words “En construcción” under lists of requirements for many types of visas with no information whatsoever. If, however, you go to the office they will give you little slips of paper which list the following things for a simple tourist visa “12-X” (3 month) extension:

- Personal letter – in Spanish – addressed to the Senior Economist of the Department of Foreign Relations Ricardo Patino explaining why you need the extension and asking him to help you;

- Visa application form with two color passport photos (with a white background) available at (if the site is working and you can connect; often I couldn’t);

- Passport with a minimum of 6 months left;

- Copy of the Passport;

- Copy of bank statement confirming you have at least US$1,000;

- US$60 for both the (a) application for the visa (US$30) and (b) visa itself (US$30).

 It will take a minimum five business days (!) to process the visa.

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