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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Parts and service in Quito. February 2012.

Walking tours of Centro Historico Quito with Liliya
Entertaining history, legends, stories, gossip and
a lot of info about things to do and see in Quito.
$20 for a two-hour tour for one person
$5 for every additional person
For booking email me at

Our Osterizer blender is used and abused and the base of the blender's jar finally broke.  I was in a panic.  This blender is Leo's lifeline. Sure, he can eat solid food now, but I still use the blender every day for making almond milk, smoothies, and vegetable dishes.
I called MegaKiwi where we bought this blender and asked for the Oster service number.
I have to say that we were impressed by this company's (Servicio Master Ecuador) customer service.  After verifying what brand and what type of blender we have they send us the part.  I called them at 2 p.m. the first time and at 5 p.m, the same day, we had the new part delivered to our apartment door!!!  The part itself cost us $5 and delivery was $4 (I gave the guy $5)

Servicio Master Ecuador
Telf 02-2813-882
Cell 098-000928
Rocio Zevallos de Gomez
Gerente General
Servicio Master Ecuador