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Monday, February 27, 2012

Electricity in Quito, Ecuador is unstable. February 2012.

Electricity in Quito is unstable. For example, one day in February, during a few hours the electricity was off and on four times!!! It happens few times per month so it is good idea to buy a surge protectors if you don't want to replace your fridge and other stuff often. We have surge protectors for the TV, refrigerator, computer, and a cluster of small kitchen appliances and phones.

About buying surge protectors.  We brought some from USA and bought some (a few years ago) in a store called Megamaxi in Quito.  Well, we checked the selection of surge protectors now at Megamaxi and Megakiwi and we didn't find the ones that are right for computers and TVs.  A few years ago we bought a six- outlet surge protector (for computers and TVs) for about $16.  Now, we found a one-outlet surge protector for the same price.
So, you would be better off bringing them from States.   

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