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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Renter's review of our La Ronda monthly rental in Quito. January 2012.

Liliya and Leo's hospitality and helpfulness made our stay in LaRonda / Quito a warm and sheltered experience. As a landlord Liliya was responsive to any and all of our needs be they regarding the residence or our individual health. She really took us in and made us feel welcome and cared for.

The Old City offered an array of opportunities to experience a slice of life in Quito and a good taste of Ecuadorian culture which included tasty coffee and chocolate, hand painted masks, tapestry, art...

The apartment itself, at the top of a 64 step climb, was cozy and provided ample space for 3 or more people. The decor was tasteful, the furniture was comfortable and the kitchen was functional. Dad actually roasted 3 chickens during our stay over the Christmas Holidays!The mattress in the Master bedroom was very comfortable and the storage space for suitcases and personal effects were more than enough. The shower, which had hot water and good pressure was the best we'd experienced in Quito.
The maintenance man was attentive and responsive to any of the issues we raised (replacing gas tanks, requesting information about mail, garbage pick-up, safety concerns, helping us carry our luggage up the steps).
The view from our balcony of the Panicillia was fantastico, particularly when she was adorned with Christmas lights and celebrated with fireworks over the New Year.La Ronda, during the weekends and festivities, was often boisterous into the wee hours of the morning, but nothing that couldn't be blocked out with a good pair of ear plugs. Much was to be seen and enjoyed despite the occasional hooting and hollering.
We were frequently warned by the locals about security issues and we felt it advisable to be constantly aware of our surroundings. Although we were concerned we were never physically threatened or robbed. But ladies, I advise you to keep your eyes to yourself and your bodies out of reach to avoid an invasion of your physical space.
All in all, our stay at Liliya and Leo's spot on La Ronda made the best of the aggressive climate offered by Quito at 2830m be they days of cold rain, blistering sunshine or very cool nights.

Andre and Maureen (Team Father and Daughter) Sudbury Ontario, Canada
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Written on January 16, 2012.
P.S.- added by Liliya. Maureen had altitude sickness, she wasn't comfortable in Quito. For us, for example, Quito always has good weather. The sun shines most of the day; even when it rains - we enjoy it.

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