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Monday, June 20, 2011

Benefits seniors/retirees get in Ecuador, 2011.

source: PMINGA9961@AOL.COM - Quito Bonanza Hotel

Ecuador is senior-friendly, but it sure helps to know where and how to find the discounts.
The savings start for those that know, before they even go… on flights from the US to Ecuador.
Many airlines offer senior discounts, which you can access buying online or calling the airline directly. Sites like Expedia offer a quick 10-25% discount. Going direct to the airlines sometimes can yield you more…a few of the airlines that fly from the States to Ecuador are Delta, American, Aerogal and Avianca.
  Once in Ecuador, most of the discounts for seniors apply to those who are already residents with their permanent resident card. For instance, for Ecuador residents 65+, flights within Ecuador with the local carriers are 50% off.
 Both city buses and inter-city buses offer senior discounts (usually half price the normal fare, don’t have to be a resident).
 Movie Theaters are available at a big discount. Many hotels in Ecuador also offer senior discounts if you ask for them.
 You can even enter national parks for under half price and get deep discounts on a trip to the Galapagos.
 In the cities; public pools, tennis courts and other sporting facilities also tend to have senior discounts.
 Even the government lets seniors skip lines in several public offices and gives tax breaks, like returns of the VAT tax. You will need to register with the local tax authority (the SRI) and present your official invoices (facturas), to receive a refund of what you have paid in VAT deposited back in your bank account.
   One key Spanish phrase to know is… “Hay descuentos para mayores?” (Are there senior discounts?)…
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