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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cost of unfurnished rentals in North or Central North Quito, part one.

Rent starts at $150 - $250 for small two or three bedroom apartments.
A modest two or three bedroom apartment, about $300 - $600 per month, depending on the area and number of bedrooms.
You can rent a luxury apartment in Quito from $700 - $800 up to a few thousand per month, depending on the level of luxury, number of bedrooms, and area.

When you talk to your potential landlord:
1) Ask if the condominium fee is included. Here in Ecuador it is common that the renter pays the condominium fee on top of the monthly rent.
2) Ask if all previous bills are paid up to date. It is very common that not all bills are paid. You might be stuck with unpaid bills prior to your date of moving in. Negotiate that if bills are not paid and you have to pay them, it will be subtracted from your rent.

Never, ever rent or buy a first floor apartment - it is cold down there!

It is very exotic and interesting (like going back in time or living inside of a history movie) to live for two or three months in Centro Historico, especially in the La Ronda barrio. La Ronda is the safest area in Centro Historico, because of guards are there 24/7.
Neverless, if you want to stay in Quito permanetly, rent or buy in Central North or North Quito. 
Also, you don't want to live in Quito-South and don't ask me why.  Just visit this area when you are in Quito.
to be continued

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