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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cost of one month stay in Quito, 2011.

How much to live in Quito monthly?
Let's say you stay in our Quito furnished two bedroom condo,
all utilities, hot water, internet, TV cable included, except tank gas
Rent, utilities included: $600

Food: $360 eating out three times per day
breakfast at cafe $2x30 days = $60
lunch (mall's food court prices) $5x30 = $150
you can buy lunch (almuerzo) at cafes for $1.5- $3 per meal
night meal (mall's food court prices) $5x30 = $150
the same with night meal, you can make it $1.5 - $3 per meal

Beer/wine bought in the store in Quito $54
Beer Pilsiner bottle (750ml) $1
$1x30= $30 if every day you drink one bottle bought in the store
The best box wine in Ecuador is Chilean wine Clos one liter cost $6
It is really good wine to make vino hervido from (also known as Glühwein, Mulled Wine, vin chaud, глинтвейн, Gløgg ) .
$6x4 weeks- $24 if you buy this wine in the store

Transportation in Quito:
25 cents to have one ride on the trolley or bus
$0.25x4 (trips per day) x30 days  = $30 for one month

Recreation in Quito
Whatever it might be for you: Spanish lessons, going to the movie, occasional concert, having few drinks at the bar, going to the discotheque, etc
$10 per day x30 days = $300

Grand total for one month stay in Quito  (Cost of living in Quito for one month)  $1344: in comfortable apartment with hot water, internet and Cable TV, eating well, drinking wine and beer, moving around often, having fun for $10 per day.

Monthly rental in Quito, for tourists and expats. 
We have a 2 bedroom, 1 bath totally remodeled
Colonial Quito, furnished apartment for rent.
Anti-noise windows in both bedrooms
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