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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Books about Ecuador

From the forums
Of course, I would recommend "Culture Shock: Ecuador" by Nicholas Crowder, as a 'must read' for people wishing to relocate here.
Nicholas Crowder is not only a wealth of information, but a fortune of information on Ecuador! I highly recommend his websites (Latin American News is one) and his interviews with authors who have written books about So. Amer. It is difficult for me to fathom how he keeps track of all this information!  Mr. Crowder recently recommended a book to read about Ecuador. I just received it, and have just started to read it, but I am very impressed and think that this may be another "must read" for people wishing to live here and understand the rhythm and reason.

Written by an ex-president, Osvaldo Hurtado, and translated by Barbara Sipe into an amazingly easy to read format. This man knows his country, and he reveals the idiosyncrasies. The book is called "Portrait of a Nation, Culture and Progress in Ecuador," Madison Books, copyright, 2010. It exists only in hard copy and is $20-some through Amazon, though the book cover states a higher price. You may be able to search for a used copy. I did not have that option, but I am very glad I have this book, as after 30+ years here, I am still trying to figure out the "Ecuadorian mentality!"
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