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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Living in Ecuador I have much better and open communication with my kids now than ever before!

When we moved to Ecuador my adult kids (still kids) were left behind in Minneapolis, MN.
I must say that I have much better communications with them now, living in Ecuador, than before.
There is some "cool factor" I guess, that your parent lives in some exotic country.
My daughter visited us twice, my son has yet to pay us a visit and they know we will pay for their airfare.
I communicate with them thru Skype, thru facebook and email.
Facebook is really a good media to spy on your kids! I can see their photos, their friends, and which parties they are going to attend, etc,etc...
Skype! God bless Skype! We talk on Skype with my daughter every Sunday. With my son we talk almost every week or rather when I can catch him. It is almost summer in Minneapolis and in his spare time from work and college - he is out skateboarding now.
My son turned 25 on April 1, and I had a hard time communicating with him before - we simply didn't have a topic for conversation. Now, we have plenty. First I send him a few Russian songs in the form of YouTube videos every week and we discuss them (songs) on Facebook or on Skype.
Second, since he studies law enforcement in college and is interested in studying human nature, I send him links to the articles from  covering the topics:  -Making Decisions
That You Don't Regret
and so on.
After he reads the articles we discuss them.

Thank you Kevin Hogan. Your approach, your articles and books, helped me to create a life I wanted when I was laid off in 2003 and didn't know what to do. Now it helps my son and it helps me to talk to him. I am eternally thankful to you!
My bottom line, I repeat myself, living in Ecuador we have much better and open communication with my kids now than ever before!

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