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Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to manage an account in an Ecuadorian bank.

Banking in Ecuador
After you open an account in an Ecuadorian bank, you don't have to stand in line to pay your bills anymore.  We use Banco Pichincha (BP). You can set up payments on the internet, similar to what they have in U.S. based banks.

At BP when you sign on to your account, there is a menu on the left side of the screen. One of the menu options is "Pagos". Click on "Pagos" and it will expand to more options. Click on "Iscribir factura" and you will see the names of the companies that allow you to pay online. Click on the company you want to pay, for example, Empresa Electrica Quito SA. It will ask you for "numero de suministro" and "descripcion". On the screen it provides an image of the electric bill and in color it circles on the bill where you can find the "suministro".  Whatever you enter on the description line will appear on your screen when you enter this Pagos "Pagar facturas inscritas" menu. After you enter the "suministro" and "description", press the "aceptar" option at the bottom of the screen and it is now set up for you to pay your electric bill.

The next time you sign in to your bank account and decide to pay your electrical bill, you click the option "Pagos", "Pagar facturas inscritas" and you will see either "no disponible" or an amount in Valor section. "No disponible" means that your bill is not yet ready for you to pay. 
When you see an amount in the "valor" column, you can:
1) Check your bill using the "Consultar" button
2) Pay it using the "Pagar" button.
3) If you have moved from one place to another you can delete this bill using the  "Borrar" button and enter a new one.
With this setup, your bills are not paid automatically. In order to pay a bill, you will still need to sign on and click the option "Pagos", "Pagar facturas inscritas" and  "Pagar" button.  BP provides an "E-key" card with a code that you will be required to use to complete all of your online transactions.

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