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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Damas Norteamericanas y Británicas in Quito

When we came in Quito in 2008 Damas Norteamericanas y Británicas (DamasNyB) were well and alive (as an organization) at least on the surface. I even wrote a guest column about them.
I had considered buying a membership, but it seemed to me they were only after my money and my time without regards to me. They used to have monthly meetings and in addition to paying a membership you are supposed to pay for the privilege of coming to a meeting.  They constantly made you feel guilty; you didn't contribute enough time, you didn't contribute enough money.  
There was also a substantial list of Ecuadorian organizations that Damas supported. Well, they spread themselves too thin and collapsed, it seems. There are no activities anymore as far as I know.
The last activity was The Bazaar Navideno in November 2010, with the most useless and expensive stuff I ever saw for sale.
to be continued

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