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Monday, April 11, 2011

Best purse for Quito, Ecuador, is a cross body purse.

Purses in Ecuador.
The best all-around purse for Quito, Ecuador (for men and women) is a cross-body purse. The advantage is that the purse is in front of you and it is much harder for thieves to reach it. 
When I started to go to Ecuador in 2006, I had a fasionable purse until it was slashed on the trolley and now I only wear cross-body purses in Quito.
If you want a cross body purse with Ecuadorian national flavor, go to Mercado Artezanal near Hotel Hilton Colon and buy one (don't forget to bargain). There is a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles for men and women to choose from.
I personally buy them in different colors and shapes when we go to U.S. to visit. Although, I have to say, lately, there is a wide selection of them in Quito stores. I did buy two of my purses in Ecuador. One in a Quito store; Naf-Naf, I paid $45. Another in Cotacachi in one of the little stores on the Leather street for $20.
Leo prefers a rugged backpack and there are plenty of these to choose from in Quito also. For Leo's rugged backpack we paid around $40 in the store Almacenes Chimborazo, Quito.  
We also see guys wearing cross body carriers (Messenger Bags) a lot these days. I just bought one for Leo
in Quito's Marcelo sports store for $15. The original price was $35.

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