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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Foreign white men marrying Ecuadorian women.

Foreign white men (FWM) and Ecuadorian women (EW)
I never have heard about FWM marrying indigenous women, so we are talking about middle class and above, Spanish ancestry, Ecuadorian women.
When FWM marries EW, he also marries into her family resources: employment opportunities, insider help, using family real estate in the city and in the country. By the way, these resources are not so readily available to foreign women who marry Ecuadorian men.
I will start with Russian guys.
There is S, who came to Ecuador with limited resources but possessed a lot of charm. He is married to the EW, they have a bar/restaurant that is very popular with Russians and English-speaking people.
Update as of 2015: they have three restaurants now

Another guy came to Ecuador a few years ago, no money honey, but if you are white and have some survival skills - you can get EW as a girlfriend and she can help you with nice employment at a flower plantation, where you can make $$$$ per month.

Now about Norteamericanos marrying EW.
K has pension, plus he is an independent filmmaker, plus he teaches theater to the local kids. His wife is 20+ years younger, very charming and sharp, speaks English and Russian (she spent a few years studying in Moscow) in addition to her native Spanish.

M is married to a younger EW as well, he made a career in Quito as a tour operator, real estate broker and property manager.
Update as of 2015: Now his family owns restaurant in Quito and farm outside of Quito, producing coffee, cacao beans/chocolate
check Café "Dios No Muere" on facebook

J is married to an EW, her family built an apartment building for them to have an income.

So, all of you foreign guys, you definitely have a chance to settle nicely in Ecuador.

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