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Sunday, January 2, 2011

to marry or not to marry ecuadorian man? - Part 2

If you remember from part 1 :
A Russian girl, Dasha, from Moscow, asked a question on Rissianecuador forum:
she is dating an Ecuadorian guy in Moscow and her parents are against it.
The question was - How Ecuadorian guys treat white women (Russian girls for example)
about six Russian guys participated in a discussion and one Russian woman who living in Quito and is married to an Ecuadorian guy.
It was six guys against one girl!

Russian guys arguments against marriage with Ecuadorian:
-Most Ecuadorian men have lovers on the side, besides being married.
-Ecuadorian men want to have a lot of kids, if by some reason you can't produce kids - you are  ostracized by his family.
- His family members will demand support, directly (ask for money) and indirectly (ask you to be godfather or godmother to their children - and you have to support those children)

Russian guys also noted - most young Russian women now are very self-absorbed and wouldn't be good spouse for anyone (certanly not for them)
Ecuadorian women tend to have lovers on a side as often as Ecuadorian men.

My Comment:  about having lovers in Ecuador - it is much easier than in States.
In Ecuador in every city, town, etc  there are motels where you can rent a room by the hour.
People are very tolerant to other people having affairs. The are no raids, undercover cops and such. Ecuadorans live, have fun. and let other people have their fun.

I will continue this subject tomorrow(manana) and you know - in Ecuador manana means

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