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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

to marry or not to marry ecuadorian man? Part 1

Russians and americans girls have simular question - to marry or not to marry ecuadorian?
On russian forum they were given advice (by russian guys) - of course not!
On expat-blog forum people were just neitral (except me)

here is text, explaining the nature of ecuadorian men from the book:
The Mapmakers Wife by Robert Whitaker
Spaniards and Creoles relied on Indians and slaves for labor, and the men turned to lower-class women – Indians, mulattos, mestizos and slaves – for sexual conquest.
This practice was so common that it is considered a shame to live without a concubine.
However, the Spanish men of Peru expected their own daughters and wives to remain pure and honorable and demanded that they live sheltered lives.
Elite women in Peru rarely ventured outside their homes unless accompanied by a servant.
Custom didn’t allow their participation in dinner conversation as well, because it was thought that whatever they had to say would be trivial.
Wives were legally bound to obey their husbands, and the men authority was such that he was allowed to hit her.

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