La Ronda is just around the corner

Friday, December 24, 2010

Social life in Quito

It is much easier to have social life in Ecuador (Quito) then in Minneapolis.
People are just more open and somehow I managed to find girlfriends who just like me - dont want to work, our husbands provide, we keep household.
In Minneapolis people dont understand when you are saying - I dont want to work, they think something is wrong with you. When I didnt work for a year after layoff, I had to come up with a line - I live on a Easy Street to answer all of these annoying question - and what do you do?
Here it is not a problem at all.

Today is X-Mas eve, we are going to our russian-speaking friends house for X-Mas dinner.
It will be very international - russians,belarussian, ucranians, norteamericano, ecuadoriana, french and columbian.

We have 2 br furnished condo for rent,
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