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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Interesting article from Kevin Hogan.
His classes, books( and few others authors classes and books)
 turned my life around when I lost my good paying job.
Thank you Kevin!!! O and he is from Minneapolis as well.

From the article - " will essentially be back on the road to being in charge of your own brain.
Dissect a “news” story, speech, advertising piece... whatever... and find the propaganda devices being used."

From the article - brilliant!!!
KEYPOINT: Suspend your judgment until you have time to uncover the facts and the logic or trickery involved in the propaganda in question.
To do this you must ask and answer these questions:
Who is the propagandist?
How is she trying to influence my thoughts and actions?
For what purpose is she using the common propaganda devices?
Do I like her purposes?... Why?
How does she use words and symbols?
What are the exact meanings of her words and symbols?
What is it the propagandist is attempting to make these words and symbols appear to mean?
What are the basic interests of this propagandist?

.... knowing these seven propaganda devices and how they are used, now it’s time to investigate the idea.
 It keeps you from having your thought process blocked by an illusion. It keeps you from being fooled. It helps you think critically.

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