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Monday, December 27, 2010

Desire (NOT) to work

from the book
The Mapmakers Wife by Robert Whitaker
"For nearly two centuries, Spain had sent a steady stream of bureaucrats, drawn from the nobility of the military, to govern its SA colony"
"Creoles – people of Spanish blood who had been born in the viceroyalty – and in 18 century Peru, Creoles were rarely named to position of high rank in the government."

So spaniards arrived in Quito and "and prosperous Creoles, in order to maintain access to political power, had made a habit of marrying their daughters to the arriving officials or to Spaniards with good prospects for assuming position of rank."

Sons who were born in Quito are not spaniards anymore, they are creoles and according to the book - "Creoles were rarely named to position of high rank in the government"
why work than? Family has money, so they just chilled, had a good life on Easy Street!

OK, why indians don't like to work? - from the book:
"Spain by the end of sixteen century put in place new labor law for Indians – mita. Mita required a % of population in every Indian village to work for several months each year in mines, textile mills and haciendas owned by colonists.
The Indians were paid fixed wages for their work, which made the mita, in the eyes of Spanish monarchy, fair and just. But the reality in 18 century Peru was quite different.
The physical abuse of Indians conscripted into mita service was never ending.

Those who have been unable to finish their workload for the day were punished very brutally. Those who kicked too much while being dragged off to work were tied by their hair to a horse’s tail and brought in this manner to the shop."
Now you probably understand why Indians don't want to work.  

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